WordPress Vulnerabilities Database

Daily updated database of WordPress plugins, themes and WordPress core vulnerabilities. Our R&D team monitors a large number of sources to add new vulnerabilities to the database on daily basis.


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Product Title Disclosure Date
bSuite WordPress bSuite Plugin 4.0.7 - Multiple HTML Injection Vulnerabilities 2011-07-11
WordPress WordPress 3.1.3 - SQL Injection Vulnerabilities 2011-07-01
Pretty Link Lite WordPress Pretty Link Lite Plugin 1.4.56 - Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities 2011-06-27
Beer Recipes WordPress Beer Recipes Plugin 1.0 - Cross-Site Scripting 2011-06-26
WPtouch WordPress WPtouch Plugin 1.9.27 - URL redirection 2011-06-21
GD Star Rating WordPress GD Star Rating Plugin - SQL Injection Vulnerability 2011-06-08
Live Wire WordPress WooThemes Live Wire theme - Cross-Site Scripting 2011-06-06
Is-Human WordPress Is-Human Plugin - Remote Command Execution Vulnerability 2011-05-17
EditorMonkey WordPress EditorMonkey Plugin 2.5 - Arbitrary File Upload 2011-05-14
WP Photo Album WordPress Photo Album Plugin 1.5.1 - Cross-Site Scripting 2011-04-28
Daily Maui Photo Widget WordPress Daily Maui Photo Widget Plugin 0.2 - Multiple Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities 2011-04-28
Ajax Recent Posts WordPress Ajax Recent Posts Plugin 1.0.1 - Cross-Site Scripting 2011-04-26
Sermon Browser WordPress Sermon Browser Plugin 0.43 - Cross-Site Scripting and SQL Injection Vulnerabilities 2011-04-26
Sermon Browser WordPress Sermon Browser Plugin 0.43 - SQL Injection 2011-04-26
Ajax Category Dropdown WordPress Ajax Category Dropdown Plugin 0.1.5 - Multiple Vulnerabilities 2011-04-22
WP Stars Rate Box WordPress StarsRateBox Plugin 1.1 - SQL Injection 2011-04-19
Gazette Edition WordPress Gazette Edition Theme 2.9.4 - Multiple Security Vulnerabilities 2011-04-12
Spell Checker WordPress Spellchecker Plugin 3.1 - Local and Remote File Include Vulnerabilities 2011-04-12
WPtouch WordPress WPtouch Plugin <= 1.9.20 - XSS 2011-04-07
Custom Pages WordPress Custom Pages Plugin - Local File Inclusion 2011-04-05