WordPress Vulnerabilities Database


ThreatPress WordPress Vulnerabilities Database is a collection of all identified vulnerabilities found in various WordPress plugins, themes and WordPress versions itself.

Our goal is to combine all available information to the one information resource.

All records in our database divided into the three categories:

ThreatPress Database has a search system, so it is easy to find information about specific plugins, themes or WordPress versions.

We hope it will help you to identify possible weak points on your WordPress website until it’s too late.

All content of our database is FREE to access, and it will always be FREE.

Please keep in mind that plugins and themes listed in our database are vulnerable only in specific versions.

It just means that there were vulnerabilities identified only in particular versions of these products. In most cases, these vulnerabilities that you can find here already fixed by releasing patched versions of these products by their authors. You can find information about repair status on any vulnerability record of the database. Constant updates of WordPress core, WordPress plugins and themes will make your website much safer. We highly recommend checking your WordPress software regularly. If you’re not using the latest versions of WordPress core, plugins and themes, there are more chances to expose your website to different types of attacks.

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